Photograph taken by Melissa Mendivil, an Images of Grace Photographer  

Photograph taken by Melissa Mendivil, an Images of Grace Photographer 

Images of Grace

Right now there are St. Louisans working hard to change their lives and overcome their circumstances to give their children better than they had. Grace Hill is right there with them, providing family support services and opening worlds of opportunity for children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, and seniors.

Images of Grace® is a collection of art created by Grace Hill families. For seven months, ten Grace Hill families document their day-to-day lives while being mentored in the fine art of photography. Grace Hill “neighbors” are taught photography fundamentals such as lighting,composition and the development of point of view and editing.

Despite the economic and social realities for these photographers, the collection reflects a pride in their community, a love for their family and a passion for sharing their lives. Images of Grace® culminates in a gala celebration where the photographs are introduced to the public and are available for purchase. Proceeds from the evening benefit the programs of Grace Hill.

Join us in changing our community and making a better St. Louis one life, one image at a time.